Lollishop have aligned their Product Guidelines with TikTok Shops guidance


1.1. Introduction
The Shop Product Listing Guidelines have been drafted with the express purpose of:

  • Building a positive shopping environment on Lollishop and TikTok Shop; and
  • Providing a shopping experience that consumers can have confidence in.

All sellers who offer products for sale must do so in accordance with these guidelines and applicable law.

1.2. Scope
These Product Listing Guidelines cover product listing requirements for sellers who wish to list their products on Lollishop and TikTok Shop.

Important Note: Sellers are also responsible for ensuring that the listing, sale, and provision of products on Lollishop and TikTok Shop comply at all times with applicable laws and regulations.

These guidelines are intended to facilitate seller compliance. They are not exhaustive and not intended as legal advice. We encourage sellers to seek independent legal advice if they have questions about the laws and regulations concerning their products.

In addition to these product listing guidelines, we have separately published our Prohibited and Restricted Products Guidelines. Sellers must ensure they also comply with these guidelines before listing any products.

2. Definitions

  • Seller refers to any individual or corporation that sells items on Lollishop and TikTok Shop.
  • Content refers to all forms of media that can be uploaded by creators/sellers to Lollishop and TikTok Shop. This includes all available formats such as e-commerce shop windows, videos, and live streams.

3. Product Requirements
As a seller, you are responsible for ensuring that the products you supply are compliant with the relevant regulations. However, in certain cases, Lollishop may request proof of compliance with regulations and governmental certifications.  

The requirements to list your products may differ based on the product and country you are selling in so please ensure you consult your legal counsel and/or supplier to ensure you have all the relevant information.

4. Restricted products 
Products offered for sale on Lollishop must comply with all UK laws and regulations and with Lollishop’s policies. Before listing products on Lollishop, you should carefully review the Restricted Products policy. Create and link to. As above, will find products list

We encourage you to consult with your legal adviser if you have questions about the laws and regulations concerning your products. You should also regularly review Lollishop and the UK’s policies as these may change from time to time and we may restrict or prohibit products that are permitted by law.

We may restrict sellers from selling certain types of products for various reasons, including regulatory compliance, product safety, and in working with brands to achieve the best experience for customers. 

If you supply a product in violation of the law or any of Lollishop’s policies, we will take corrective actions, as appropriate, including but not limited to the cancellation of the listing, immediately suspending, or terminating selling privileges, destroying inventory in our Fulfilment centres without reimbursement, returning inventory and terminating the business relationship. The sale of illegal or unsafe products can also lead to legal action, including civil and criminal penalties. As sellers are legally liable for their actions and transactions, sellers must know the legal parameters surrounding any product they offer for sale on Lollishop. This includes the sale of products by sellers outside the United Kingdom.

If you wish to list items for international purchase, you are responsible for conducting proper research to ensure that the items listed comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

  • Products must meet all safety and compliance requirements. 
  • Products violating copyright, patent or trademark laws or any other intellectual property right are prohibited. 
  • On occasion, our systems may remove products that are permitted to be sold on our site. This may occur if there is incomplete or inaccurate product information provided to us, or if we identify a product as restricted. 

Sellers who believe their product has been removed in error should contact us. 

Failure to properly close or delete all restricted product listings from your inventory may result in the removal of your selling privileges. 

5. Product Listing Restrictions
When viewing product listings, customers expect the information contained within the listing to be fair, accurate, verifiable, honest, and not misleading. Sellers must comply with these guidelines as well as all applicable laws and regulations when creating product listings. The following guidelines outline content or behaviours that are prohibited.

5.1.1 Misleading Product Listings Product listings must not mislead customers in any way. Below are some guidelines for sellers to follow.
5.1.2 False Display of Information All product descriptions (listings) and related media must be consistent with the actual product sold.

All product descriptions must not be misleading by statement or omission.

    • Sellers are prohibited from displaying misleading information, such as inconsistent prices or discounts, images, brand names, descriptions, attributes, models, selling attributes, product guarantees, or warranties.
    • All product attribute(s) provided by the seller must be complete, accurate and consistent with the product's description, name and images. All product descriptions and attributes must also be truthful to the product the customer will receive.
    • Sellers must not display any false information related to services that facilitate the sale of products (including but not limited to delivery and logistics services, return and refund services, and customer services).
    • Sellers must not display any misleading information related to themselves (e.g. Seller characteristics or ownership of intellectual property rights).
5.2. Exaggerated Promises

Product listings must not contain exaggerated descriptions or absolute claims unless such claims are accurate and verifiable. For example:

  • "the best...", "the first...", "the only...", and other descriptions of similar nature.

5.3. Comparisons
Product listings must not contain comparisons with other products or e-commerce sites. For example:

  • This product is XX cheaper than the ABC website.

Falsely claiming that a product or service can cure medical conditions is considered misleading. For example:

  • 'Before' and 'After' images e.g. showing the alleged results of acne clearing creams, or weight loss supplements.
5.4. Exaggerated Promotional Prices
  • Product listings must not have exaggerated promotional prices or make unsupported price comparisons.
  • All price claims, including promotional prices, must be accurate and compliant with applicable laws.
5.5 False Claims

Product listings must not make false claims about a product. For example:

  • False claims that a product has won awards or possesses various certifications.
  • False claims that a product is affiliated with other products.
  • Exaggerating promotional prices or making unsupported price comparisons are not allowed. All price claims, including promotional prices, must be accurate.
5.6 Country-Specific Product Listing Requirements

In addition to the examples above, there may be additional requirements for certain types of product claims in each destination market. Sellers must review the destination market's relevant guidelines and applicable laws to ensure that their product listing is fully compliant with such requirements.

5.7 Using Click-bait Tactics to Attract Traffic
Sellers must not circumvent or abuse our platform systems, policies, or guidelines by using click-bait tactics or deceptive product listing behaviour. Click-bait tactics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Listing products in unconventional or abnormal quantities or units.
    • For example, tissues are generally sold in "packs," but the seller sells them in "sheets."
  • Changing a product's title, image, key attributes or listing description to make it appear to be another/different product to deceive users into clicking on a listing.
  • Using deceptive pricing practices to attract traffic or clicks. This includes but is not limited to the following:
    • Listing products of different categories for sale in one product listing. For example, listing a t-shirt and a necklace in the same product listing.
    • Listing completely different items from the same category for sale in one product listing. For example, listing a short-sleeved shirt and a long-sleeved shirt in the same product listing.
    • Listing products made of different materials, specifications and other attributes that correspond to different prices for sale in one product listing. For example, listing a gold and silver necklace at different prices in the same product listing.
    • Listing products and product accessories with large price differences in one product listing.
    • Listing non-existent products or products that are not intended for sale.
    • Listing sets of products and individual products for sale in one product listing.
    • Listing second hand or unsatisfactory items alongside new items in one product listing.
    • Any other pricing practice that is untruthful or otherwise misleads users into clicking on product listings.
5.8 Weight Control / Medical claims

All product listings for dieting and other weight management products must make claims which should be accurate and verifiable. They must avoid making promises that the product alone, without diet or exercise, can lead to weight loss or better performance and must not make any medical claims.

  • Product listings should not promote an unhealthy body image or an unhealthy relationship with food.
  • Sellers are prohibited from claiming that losing weight is easy or guaranteed.
  • Product listings should not refer to specific calories or specific amounts of weight loss.
  • Product listings should not make any medical claims (e.g. 'this product will cure your acne or hair loss').
5.9 Sensational and Shocking Content

Product listings must not contain sensational/shocking content or imagery that may cause an uncomfortable user experience. Below are some guidelines for sellers to follow.

  • Product listings must not display bloody, gruesome or graphic images that are likely to shock or scare customers. For example:
    • A crime scene or images of accidents.
    • A horror scene or bloody stills.
  • Product listings must not contain disgusting imagery that may cause an uncomfortable user experience. For example:
    • Visuals of sexual fluids or human/animal waste.
    • Visuals that show dirt coming out of pores of the face or hair being pulled out of the drainage.
  • Product listings must not contain content that displays crime, excessive violence, cruelty, or gratuitous violence towards animals, for example:
    • Real fighting with bloody scenes.
    • Animal cruelty, such as cock or dogfighting.
  • Product listings must not display dangerous behaviors without proper safety protection.
  • Product listings must not contain violent language or insulting actions.
  • Product listings must not display any behaviour that could harm the environment.

5.10 Non-compliant Products
We do not allow sellers to offer goods that do not comply with the laws applicable in the jurisdiction where the buyer is located.

Do not list, post or upload:

  • Listings related to products that are not fully compliant with applicable laws, regulations, standards, and practices.
  • Listings related to products where the content depicted is misleading, incomplete, or otherwise deceptive.


  • Comply with the Lollishops Prohibited Products Guidelines.
  • Comply with the Lollishops Restricted Products Guidelines (where applicable).
  • Comply with other applicable Lollishop's Policies and Guidelines.
5.11 Unsafe or Poor-quality Products

Sellers must list products complying with all applicable laws including those relating to product compliance. Additionally, sellers are prohibited from listing:

  • Any product that poses a potential safety risk without instructions of use.
  • Any product that could cause physical, chemical, or personal injury.
  • Any product that is faulty, damaged, defective or dysfunctional.
5.12 Minor Safety

We do not allow direct exhortations to children. For example:

  • Any content persuading children to purchase products or services.
  • Any content inducing children to request their parents purchase products.
  • Other content that may have a negative effect on child safety.

There may be other requirements in specific marketplaces regarding children (such as not displaying child actors in commercial content). Sellers must ensure that their uploaded content and products meet all relevant laws and regulations.

5.13 Infringement of Lawful Rights
Sellers must not publish or distribute content that infringes, encourages or enables the infringement of the intellectual property or personal rights of others.

  • Any content that uses brands or logos for commercial gain (unless they have the rights holder's express permission to do so).
  • Images and names of people (for commercial purposes) without the express permission from the individual themselves. This includes product endorsements, merchandise, and the use of celebrity images or collections.

5.14 Alternative ordering information
As TikTok Shop cannot guarantee the safety of other websites or landing pages. Product listings are prohibited from including any links or references to alternative ordering information. This includes but is not limited to links to other websites to place orders, phone numbers, social media handles, email addresses, or QR codes. They must also not contain any "calls to action" that encourage customers to leave the TikTok Shop to order.

5.15 Additional Listing Restrictions

  • Sellers must not attempt to misuse or manipulate the platform in order to artificially generate traffic to product listings or solicit positive feedback. This includes using irrelevant or misleading descriptions of brands, key attributes in product titles, or artificially simulating customer traffic via the use of bots or similar techniques.
  • Sellers must not display false consumer reviews and must not modify any consumer review

in order to promote products. Sellers must not make claims that the reviews of their

product(s) are made by consumers who have actually used or purchased the

product without having taken the necessary steps to verify it.

  • Sellers are prohibited from displaying any content on their product detail page that infringes upon local laws, regulations, culture, and other social conventions.

6. Product Detail Page Requirements
Product listing information, including text, videos, and images, must accurately represent a true description of the product's main characteristics and include all information required by applicable laws.

The following information must be provided for products that will be uploaded to TikTok Shop.

6.1 Product Title

All product titles must be accurate, concise, and include all essential information needed for customers to make an informed purchase.

We encourage sellers to include information such as the brand (provided they have obtained the relevant authorizations from the brand owner), product type, material, key features/characteristics, and quantity within the product title.

For example, a product title "Little Lamb valley series pure cotton white table cloth (150cm x 150cm), pack of 2" is a better title than "white table cloth".

The following should not be included in the product title:

  • Marketing material, promotions, or any other information that is not descriptive of the product itself (for example, "x% off").
  • A seller URL, or seller name.
  • Branding or references to "TikTok" (without TikTok's prior authorisation), or other e-commerce platforms or websites.
  • Bad data such as symbols or special characters.

6.2 Product Description

A product's description allows sellers to provide additional information about the product. Customers must receive all the information he or she can reasonably expect from the seller in

order to make an informed purchase decision. Sellers are also responsible for ensuring that the product description contains all product information required by applicable laws and regulations.

All product descriptions must:

  • Describe the main characteristics of the product(s) (e.g. features,

functions, components, quantities, etc.).

  • Be no less than 30 words.
  • Be clearly written to help customers make an informed decision.
  • Be in an official language of the customer's country.
  • Include all applicable product safety information, specifications, and warnings. This is particularly relevant for certain product categories (for example food supplements).

6.3 Product Category
Sellers must select the appropriate product category when listing their products. Choosing the wrong category will be considered a breach of these guidelines and may result in enforcement actions being taken against the seller.

6.4 Brand
Sellers may only include brand names on their product listing detail pages if they have the necessary authorization from the brand owners (or are otherwise permitted to do so by applicable law).

6.5 Images & Videos
All uploaded product images and videos must:

  • Accurately represent the product(s) for sale.
  • Be an authentic reflection of what customers will receive once a purchase is made. In particular, it must be ensured that consumers are not misled by untrue images, videos or omissions.

The following technical requirements apply to all images and videos included in product listings that will be uploaded to TikTok Shop.

  • The background of product images must be pure white and must not contain pixelated blocks, text, or watermarks (other than product branding or logos included incidentally within the image background).
  • Each image must be at least 800 x 800 pixels.
  • All images must be in colour. Black-and-white images are not acceptable.
  • Sellers may upload up to 9 square images.
    • They must select one image to be the main product image. The main product image must show the front physical view of the product.
    • Additional images must show the side, back, and other details of the product, including product accessories (if any).
    • Multiple images displaying the same angle of the product are not allowed.
  • Sellers may upload up to 1 video for each product listing, which must not exceed 5MB.
6.6 "What's in the Box"

Sellers must list the product and all accompanying accessories as part of the listing. For example, if a wireless speaker is sold together with a USB charger, each item must be listed clearly.

6.7 Package Weight and Dimensions
Sellers must provide accurate package weight and dimensions of all products.

6.8 Selling Attributes (Stock Keeping Unit Information)
Sellers are required to maintain accurate Stock Keeping Unit (SKU*) information and clearly list their product and its attributes. For example, information on colour, size, pattern, and other key attributes may be required to be listed for certain types of products.

  • Note: Stock Keeping Units or SKUs refer to one product having different sizes, colours, flavours, etc., included in one listing. They appear as variations of the original product that customers can choose based on their preferences. For example, a t-shirt (product) with varying sizes (each different size is an SKU).

6.9 Product Pricing
Sellers are responsible for setting their own prices. When displaying pricing, sellers must abide by the guidelines below.

  • Sellers must always specify the total price, all other taxes and all other price components.
  • The listed price (i.e. the reference price), sale price (i.e. any applicable promotional price), and any applicable shipping fee(s) must be clearly displayed to customers.
  • A product's list price must always be higher than its sale price.
  • Sellers must ensure that their product pricing practices are compliant with applicable laws.

 Sellers play an essential role in retaining customer trust. Pricing practices that harm customer trust are prohibited. Harmful pricing practices include but are not limited to:

  • Setting an abnormal or significantly higher price than the current market rate. This includes but is not limited to setting an abnormal price on a product that is significantly higher than recent prices offered on the market.
  • Fluctuating or altering prices dramatically within a short period of time.
  • Engaging in pricing practices that are not compliant with applicable laws.
  • Setting abnormal or significantly high shipping prices.
  • Sellers must not list products at a low or discounted price without the intention of selling or fulfilling the customer's order.

Engaging in any behaviours or similar practices mentioned above will be considered a breach of these Product Listing Guidelines.

6.10 Language
All product listings must be in an official local language of the destination market.

6.11 Listing Multiple Products

  • Only one product may be included within one detail page. Listing multiple products within one single detail page is prohibited.
  • Products with SKU variations (i.e., they are available in different sizes, colours, flavours.) should be included within one product listing. For example, T-shirts that come in different sizes and colours should be displayed on one detail page that allows customers to select their preferred colour and size on the same page. Listing the same T-shirt in 4 different colours as 4 separate products is prohibited.
  • Irrelevant products (i.e., products that contain different brands, categories, series, models, etc.) are prohibited from being included in one single product listing. For example, different brands of lipsticks should not be displayed on one singular product listing.
  • If a seller intends to sell bundled products or products packed in different sets, the details of all the included products must be clearly stated in each individual SKU.
  • Duplicate product listings are not allowed, e.g., each product may only have one product listing.
  • Sellers must not list products that are or have been subject to national product recalls.
  • Sellers must not list products that have been previously banned or deleted by our platform.

 7. Product safety and compliance

  • Customer safety is of paramount importance to Lollishop. Customers need to be confident that they will find a comprehensive selection of safe, reliable and compliant products on Lollishop, no matter who is the seller.

7.1 Recalls & Product Safety

  • Lollishop wants to ensure that products offered through Lollishop are safe (that is, there is no risk that they will cause death, personal injury, or damage to property). 
  • You will promptly notify us of any recalls or threatened recalls of any of your Products and cooperate and assist us in connection with any recalls. You will be responsible for all costs and expenses you, we, or any of our or your affiliates incur in connection with any recall or threatened recall of any of your Products.

You should talk to your local Trading Standards office to check that you are trading legally 

Last updated 25th April 2023