This service agreement is incorporated into, subject to and in accordance with the Contract. All the terms used in this service agreement shall have the meaning attributed to them under the Contract unless otherwise defined herein. The signing of this service agreement and/or the delivery of the Services by Lollishop to the Merchant shall be deemed to be unconditional acceptance by the Merchant of the Contract and this service agreement.


Subject to the terms of the Contract Lollishop shall provide the Services to the Merchant in the manner set out below and such other services as may be agreed between the parties from time to time:

Lollishop Store
Lollishop shall create and provide the Merchant with a Lollishop Store, either by integrating of an existing store which will allow the Merchant to add listings of its Products for advertising and sale on the Marketplace. 

Content creation
The Merchant will have the option to be part of the live show schedule. Shows will be recorded and stored for use in promotional activity and will remain the property of Lollishop. Recordings will be available to merchants who can use the footage as they wish and should accredit Lollishop where appropriate.

Lollishop may promote the Merchant’s Lollishop Store and Products on the Marketplace and different social media platforms, and such level and nature of the promotion may change following Lollishop design or other reasonable requirements.

The merchant agrees to create exclusive deals and offers to Lollishop audiences that can be promoted on live shows.

Stock Levels

  • Accurate stock and minimum stock levels should be always maintained by merchants.
  • Merchants must ensure they have adequate stock, especially for any products being promoted on shows or special offers.
  • For any items that are oversold or become out of stock the merchant should update their site and Lollishop dashboard (if stock levels are not automated)
  • We will arrange a refund directly to the customer if orders cannot be fulfilled within 7 working days.
  • Any outstanding back orders should be prioritised when stock has been replenished.
  • If payment has already been made to the merchant will reclaim that amount on the next pay-out. 

Order picking

  • When dispatching orders goods should be checked for any obvious faults or issues before dispatch.
  • We expect a picking accuracy of 98% over 90 days period this will be monitored and reported back through our KPI reports.
  • When a stock line has been replenished the old stock should be picked before the new stock.
  • The Lollishop order number will need to be included within the order documentation sent to the customer or on the shipping label.


  • Packaging used should be fit for purpose on a per-order basis to allow the product(s) to arrive safely to the customer.
  • The packaging used will comply with UK government standards and regulations.

Distribution of products
The merchant will ship Products from their inventory to the shipping addresses included in valid customer orders.

All consumer orders received and accepted by 1.00 pm GMT will be despatched the same day providing the following conditions are met. If an order is received after 1 pm it will be dispatched the following day on the chosen service, if an order is received after 1 pm on a Friday it will be dispatched on Monday being the next working (excluding bank holidays).

  • There is enough stock available

If an international order is received for Europe or the rest of the world, these should be sent on an international economy service or on the service selected at the time of purchase.

International orders should be shipped via Inco terms DDP (delivery duties paid). Any paperwork related to the shipment will be completed by the distributor and held for the legal duration required by HMRC.

If we are notified by a customer that an order is lost or broken in transit, we will refund the customer and reconcile the costs against the merchant's next pay-out. We will work with you to gather all the information required for you to be able to claim back the cost of the goods. The Merchant/ distributor is responsible for ensuring they maintain the evidence required to claim for example proof of dispatch etc.

Refund and returns
Merchants agree to adhere to our Refund and Returns policy. 

Customer service standards

  • Merchants should respond to all customer service enquiries within the same working day (operating hours Monday – Friday 9-5 pm GMT) and work collaboratively to find a suitable solution to any enquiry.
  • If anything, that is not urgent that relates to the services provided, we expect all merchants to respond within the same working (business days).
  • For urgent enquiries or issues, we will want to speak to someone so it can be resolved as quickly as possible.
  • We aim to have a solution to customers for all queries and complaints within 24 hours. This will form part of our KPIs.
  • On very rare occasions we might ask for an order that has been placed after the 1 pm cut-off to be facilitated – we would ask for you to try and service our request where possible. If carriers have not already collected parcels.
  • Upon request from a customer, we may need to change or cancel an order. If an order has not been picked or is ready to be dispatched, we would ask for you to try and service our request where possible.
  • We will try to resolve all issues with the merchant but if we believe there has been a failure in our service agreement, we will follow the complaints and escalation process.
  • We will monitor dispatch and fulfilment issues by the complaints received by our customers – our definition of a complaint is ‘any reason a client has contacted us regarding their order - including delay in goods being received, the condition goods have been received, the order not being fulfilled correctly.’ This will for part of our KPI’s and we would not expect this to fall below 98%, the metrics used to create a % will be orders dispatched divided by orders received with an ‘issue’. The merchant will take the full responsibility to keep the KPI level above 98%.
  • During peak seasons we would expect the merchant to resource appropriately and for the service to customers not to be interrupted.

Merchant support
Lollishop will aim to respond to all Merchants enquiries within the same working day (operating hours Monday – Friday 9-5pm GMT) and work collaboratively to find a suitable solution to any enquiry.

Payouts will be made on the Friday of each week. During the first three months of trading on Lollishop payments will be made a maximum of 30 days following the successful delivery of your products. This will reduce to 14 after the successful trial period and low returns rate (full details on request). We reserve the right to withhold funds relating to particular orders if the consumer has an outstanding purchase. Payouts are made for successfully delivered orders, minus returns, 15% commission of the total order value plus £3.50 for delivery per order. You will receive notification of the payout and have 5 days from payment received to dispute or raise any issues.

If the merchant notices any issue with the integration, we should be informed as soon as possible via email

Product Safety
It is the merchant’s responsibility that the products created and distributed follow the UK General Product Safety Regulations 2005 (GPSR) 

Insurance and licences
We require merchants to hold the appropriate insurance and licences to sell their goods directly to consumers.

Along with employers’ liability insurance if you employ people and product liability insurance with a limit of at least £10 million for claims arising from a single event or a series of related events in a single calendar year.

If our insurance requirements change, we will inform the merchant as soon as possible and would expect the additional requirements to be implemented if they are not already in place.

Merchants’ additional obligations
Merchants are responsible for ensuring the information on their account is correct if it needs to be altered or amended, please email us as soon as possible at

The merchant will also be responsible for  


Last updated 6th December 2023